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The budget of the Haut-Richelieu is divided into 6 parts.

Part I
(14 municipalities)
Revenue and general administration expenses, service development and urban planning and industry code.
Part II
(13 municipalities)
Revenue and expenditure in the sector assessment.
Part III
(12 municipalities)
Revenues and expenditures of municipal collection and disposal of waste which the MRC has acquired jurisdiction under article 678.0.1 of the Municipal Code. Currently, the MRC serves twelve (12) participating municipalities, all via its mixed economy company Compo-Haut-Richelieu Inc. ..
Part IV
(13 municipalities)
Revenues and expenses related to managing and maintaining the network of fiber optics and opto-electronic equipment.
Part V
(12 municipalities)
Revenues and expenditures of the completion and implementation of part of the risk coverage plan for fire safety.
Part VI
(4 municipalities)
Revenue and expenses related to the management and maintenance of bicycle paths.

Pursuant to Municipal Code, the budget is adopted on the fourth Wednesday of November each year and as mentioned earlier in connection with the frequency of meetings, a working session of Council members is held during the first or second week of November. This deadline is important because municipalities need the financial information of the MRC to prepare their own budgets.