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Pistes cyclables

Explore the region through the bike lanes included in the network of Green Road and crossing the territory is an attractive adventure for the whole family and a pleasure at every turn.

You can read the following links for more information on the circuits:

For information:

Tourist & Convention Centre Haut-Richelieu
Phone 450 542-9090
Email Address

Friends of the Chambly Canal map
1840 Burgundy Street
PO Box 51,
Chambly, Que J3L 4B1
Phone 450 658-9167
Email Address

Parks Canada map
Chambly Canal
1899, boul. Périgny
Chambly, Que J3L 4C3
Lock no. 1 450 658-6525
Lock no. 9 450 348-3392
Channel Management 450 447-4888
General Information 1 888 773-8888
Email Address

Pro-Track (Interview Montérégiade Montérégie-Est)
Phone 450 293-7575
Email Address loisir.ange-keeper @