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logo lacolle The Municipality of Lacolle was founded September 13, 2001 following the merger of the parish of Our Lady of Mount Caramel and the village of Lacolle. With a total area of ??49.17 square kilometers and a population estimated at 2,564 people who called and Lacolloise Lacollois.

Mayor: Yves Duteau

  • Linda Fog
  • Guy Lamirande
  • Sylvie Royer
  • Samuel Comtois
  • Huguette Hébert
  • Robert Patenaude

  • CEO: Ms. Sylvie Larose-Asselin
  • Management of rivers: Mr. Jean-Pierre Heon
  • Waste Management: Mr. Jean-Pierre Heon

To reach the town of Lacollemap
1, Church Street South
Lacolle, Que J0J 1J0
Phone 450 246-3201
Fax 450 246-4412
Email Address