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The territories of ecological interest are largely in a flood zone and within the agricultural use, with the exception of Chapman Bay which is located inside the urban perimeter of Municipality of Venise-en-Québec. These are natural areas that are important for the survival of different species, both fauna than flora that inhabit them. We find, within these areas, different types of habitats such as wetlands, spawning grounds, staging areas or nesting sites and breeding waterfowl and other. The Society of Wildlife and Parks indicates the presence of a species designated as threatened, the spiny softshell, encountered only in Quebec Saint-Georges-de-Clarenceville, and the presence in Venice in Quebec, a species capable ofbe designated threatened or vulnerable, the wood turtle.

The areas of interest are historic event locations, occupations or activities that have marked past local history, regional or national. The development plan identifies those areas distributed within the six municipalities.

The development plan also identifies groups of buildings which are, in fact, concentrations of houses located along the ranks, demonstrating a type of architecture or mode of development especially rural development.

For more information on the territories of interest, you can view the land use planning and development.