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logo valentine The municipality of Saint Valentine was founded on 1 July 1855. With a total area of ??40.09 square kilometers, its population is estimated at 486 people who called Valentine and Valentine.

Mayor: Mr. Pierre Chamberland

  • Robert Van Wijk
  • Joaquim Rodrigues
  • Roger Fortin
  • Paolo Girard
  • Luc Van Velzen
  • Pierre Vallieres

  • CEO: Mr. Serge Gibeau
  • Management of rivers: Serge Gibeau
  • Waste Management: Mr. Serge Gibeau

To reach the town of Valentine,map
790, chemin de la 4 th Line
Saint-Valentin, Que J0J 2E0
Phone 450 291-5422
Fax 450 291-5327
Email Address