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Conforming to the Act, the Haut-Richelieu has entrusted the implementation to foster local development and entrepreneurial support within its territory the Economic Council of Haut-Richelieu (CLD).

This organization can:
  • Offer, possibly in partnership with other persons or bodies including the private sector, all front line services to businesses, including their consolidation or coordination, and ensure their funding.
  • Develop a plan of action for the local economy and employment, taking account in particular the development plan prepared by the regional conference of elected officers in its territory and, where applicable, the metropolitan planning and development and the chart of the major challenges of economic development adopted by the metropolitan community in its territory and ensure the realization of the local action plan.
  • Prepare, taking into account the orientations, strategies and national and regional objectives, a strategy for development of entrepreneurship, including social economy entrepreneurship.
  • To act as an advisory body to the local employment center of the territory.

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Economic Council of Haut-Richelieumap
315, rue MacDonald, Suite 301
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc J3B 8J3
Phone 450 359-9999
Fax 450 359-0994