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Le Haut-Richelieu, crossroads of culture and arts. Across the country, artists and artisans are waiting for you to share their art. Discover the different facets of their expertise, reflecting a culture sometimes popular, sometimes scholarly, sometimes daily, sometimes dramatic, always rewarding.

Marked by a range of cultural diversity of creators, creative venues and entertainment.

Exhibition, film, theater and dance, all to satisfy your curiosity in welcoming and comfortable rooms. Living museums, representing the environment that feeds them. Unifying events, symposiums, meetings of sculptors, festivals that make the Haut-Richelieu a cultural always evolving, open to art in all its forms.

The MRC, a part of the country where the soul of the region expressed in the arts and culture.

Proving this dynamism that animates the region, the Haut-Richelieu s'has a cultural policy in order to enhance the world of arts and culture throughout its territory.